Avg Time

Average time is in your hands.

One day, while spontaneously grabbing stuff at the shop once again, I fell to thinking - how much time do I spend on choosing and acquiring each of the products? That was how the idea of this application was born.

Here, by how it's done, should be a juicy marketing text as well as comments of grateful users and enthusiastic appeals to purchase at an extremely low price. But instead let's come to the point.

This application is an events counter with time measurement. It will demonstrate how much time has passed, how many events you have collected, average, maximum and mimimum time between the events. That's it. Everything else is limited only by your phantasy.

Collect the events. Watch average time of event or average number of events per time interval. Wind off the time. Switch between counters. See some statistics or start all over again.

How often do birds fly by you? What is the average time of your round break in a stadium? How long have you been in a fitting-room? What about your friends? How often do you get kisses? Or critics? Or compliments? I am sure you will discover thousands of application ways. And, by the way, I will be pleased to know about them! Send me a couple of words to an e-mail snussi@devnussi.com.

Of course, such a vital, necessary and smart application has no price. That is why it is free. Avaliable in App Store.