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My name is Vasiliy Shokov, on some sites I use a nick-name Snussi. It was exactly this nick-name that gave a life to a name devnussi - developer Snussi. And, as you may have guessed, this mini-site is dedicated to my apps.

I've been programming for quite a long time (if I am not mistaken, from the age of 11), but with a special site of my programs I started dealing only when my first App Store program has to be announced. Here will not be any articles, a blog or other photo-galleries - just pages of my applications for Apple company devices (please no holy-wars). The matter here is I like Mac's, iPhones and iPads, that is why I've chosen right them as a platform for my harmless hobby. Possibly, some day here will appear a new topic with applications for other platforms.

In case you found a bug in my applications, wish to participate in tests of the new ones, give some advice or just tell me your opinion - please, write to me to an e-mail or use a support form.

If you tend to like my deep inner world - welcome to my "intimate" site - Before you enter it, I would like you to get that I call hard names as well as post my favourite dirty jokes there. Also, my personal site is written only in Russian. I warned you ;)

Anyway it doesn't matter what's next - thank you for coming and for reading this text up to the end.